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Motto: "The ultimate aim of martial arts lies not in victory or defeat but in the perfection of the character of its participants."


At the age of 8, Neil began his martial arts career learning karate under Sensei Takahashi, who went on to award him with his brown belt. He wrestled from 4th to 10th grade for Amityville School District, where he also competed in many point sparring matches.


Neil then learned and become an instructor of krav maga under the watchful eye of Rhon Mizrachi for the Krav Maga Federation at the Flagship School in Manhattan. Neil is very thankful and appreciative to have had the pleasure to work with Rhon Mizrachi, as he inspired Neil to become the instructor and martial artist he is today.


Neil went on to test for his brown belt in Israel in front of a krav maga committee including Grandmaster Hiam Zut, the highest ranking krav maga instructor in the world. As part of the first group of Americans to do so, he's known as a true pioneer to the sport!


Other accomplishments include being a volunteer fireman for six years, a blue belt in jiu jitsu under Matt Serra, and a 3rd Dan black belt under the PKF Federation, to name a few. As a master instructor, he has helped multiple people become champions in the WKA, USMTA, USKBA, ISK, and PKF. Neil is always looking for new ways to give back to the community! He opened Strike First Fitness and MMA of Smithtown, NY so people could do what they love in a fun, safe environment and simultaneously reach their individual goals.


For more history on krav maga, and its founders Grandmaster Hiam Zut and Rhon Mizrachi, visit the Krav Maga Federation.




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